Conny Bauer and Nils Wogram

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Conny Bauer on the duo:

“One day I received a phone call from Nils Wogram. He asked whether I could imagine playing as a duo with him at a ceremony for an award he was receiving. That was in 1997 and marked the beginning of our cooperation.”


“The music spoke so clearly, positively, and immediately that I didn’t even get a chance to reflect on its improbability. [...] In very simplified terms, it seems to me that Konrad is the landscape, Nils the relief, and together they are quite the orchestra.“
13.09. 1999, Robert D. Rusch,

Nils Wogram

Nils Wogram (born 1972, Braunschweig) learnt trombone at the Braunschweig music academy under Reinhard Feldmann. Between 1992-94 he studied in New York under prominent musicians such as Richie Beirach, Kenny Werner, Maria Schneider, Conrad Herwig and Buster Willams. Today he leads several groups such as the Nabatov Wogram Duo, Root 70, the Nils Wogram Septet and the Nils Wogram Nostalgia Trio. Since September 2004 Wogram has been teaching at the Lucerne School of Music. He has received a number of awards and prizes, including the Culture Prize North Rhine-Westphalia (1999) and the SWR Jazz Prize (2000).

Conny Bauer

Conny Bauer (born 1943 in Halle an der Saale), is one of Europe’s most significant trombonists. Since the start of the 70’s he has been a founding member of numerous groups such as Exis, FEZ, Konrad Bauer Quartet, Bauer Sommer Kowald Trio, Doppelmoppel, Zentralquartett as well as the initiator of the big band Klangprojekt 86 (which later became the Jazzorchester der DDR).
Bauer gave his debut solo trombone concert in 1974.Today, over 35 years later he continues to explore and experiment with this instrument, continually developing new worlds of sound for himself and his audiences. Bauer was awarded the City of Berlin’s Order of Merit in 1994 and won the SWR - Südwestrundfunk Jazz Prize ten years later.

Serious Fun - a colossal tour de force

“…Throughout the afternoon and into the evening, hymns to the spirit and overtones of joy manifested themselves in compact music poems and prose. [...]
They were clearly enjoying themselves and put down 12 consecutive complete takes without a break. The final session took place in the late afternoon, proceeded as the others had [...] and ended with Serious Fun  - a colossal tour de force…“
13.09. 1999, Robert D. Rusch,

A bold endeavor

“A bold endeavor, this recording shows the potential diversity of sounds that can be produced from two bones, and should delight trombonists of all genres as well as those who regale in something new and challenging.“
Steven Loewy,

CD - Production

„Serious Fun”

1999, duo Nils Wogram with Conny Bauer

„Serious Fun Plus One”

1999, Nils Wogram (tb), Conny Bauer (tb), Dominic Duval (b)